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Built-in Alfred Publishing Lessons
Since 1922, Alfred Publishing has dedicated itself to helping people learn, teach and play music. More than 6.5 million pianists around the world have learned to play the piano with the help of Alfred's Basic Piano Course, making it the most trusted piano method books in the world. Now a new generation of pianists can learn using this proven method, but with a new practice partner the Kawai digital piano.
Kawai digital pianos are the only instruments with Alfred lesson songs built into them.* With the built-in lesson songs, a student can listen to the instructional song being played by an Alfred staff pianist. The student can then follow along with the lesson book** to learn how the piece is supposed to sound. Many Kawai digital pianos feature built-in piano pieces from Alfred's Basic Piano Library 1A and 1B... essentially the first year of piano lessons. Some models also feature Alfred's new Premier Course 1A and 1B, while others also have Alfred's Basic Adult Course Level 1. (See each model's specifications for the list of books built-in.)

In addition to Alfred lessons, many Kawai digital pianos offer lesson songs from Bach, Chopin, Czerny, and Burgmüller — ideal for the aspiring pianist working to get to the next level — and time-honored finger excercises, including scales and arpeggios in all 12 major and minor keys.

All songs and excercises can be set at slower tempos which can be increased gradually as skill improves. Right and left-hand parts can be muted independently to allow the parts to be practiced separately. Students can also record their performances and compare them to the built-in performances.

With "Alfred Inside" and other essential practice tools, students at every level can develop good practice habits and avoid the pitfalls of incorrectly practicing a new song. It's "Practice Made Perfect"... almost like having your teacher come home with you!

Visit Alfred at http://www.alfred.com/kawai to find a store or to purchase books online.

*Songs supplied on CD with the CP Series.

** Alfred books are sold separately.

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