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Sean O'Shea Artist Relations at Kawai

I wear a many “hats” working for Kawai, but my favorite role may be as the Liaison for our Artist Relations Program. It’s a pleasure to hear from Kawai fans from not only across this country, but from around the world as acts from other countries prepare to tour the U.S.

I get to work with the likes of Billy Joel (whose keyboardist bought 3 VPC1’s), Harry Connick, Jr. (whose keyboardist bought 2 VPC1’s!), Steven Curtis Chapman, Laura Story, Needmore, Scars on 45, One Republic… and an impressive list of young rising stars such as Talia Denis and Alfa Garcia.

I remember how excited I was when Nova (keyboardist for Scars on 45) called to say they were going to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! We had to scramble to quickly get a Kawai grand piano on the set, but there it was on national television as big as life!

Another exciting opportunity I got to orchestrate was with The Bluebird Cafe. I’ve been a long-time fan and admirer of The Bluebird Cafe and have even been blessed to play its stage a couple of times. I was thrilled when they decided to make Kawai the “Official Piano of The Bluebird Cafe” with an EP3 Portable Digital Piano. They’ve since upgraded to a new ES7 portable digital.

When the producers of ABC’s hit television show “Nashville” sought to replicate The Bluebird Cafe at their set, they put the Bluebird’s old EP3 in several scenes. It’s been fun to watch several moments in which one of the stars is working on a song with the Kawai name staring at the camera.

What’s particularly impressive to me is the simple fact that we do not and will not pay to have our pianos played or placed in high profile situations. When you see an artist at any level playing a Kawai instrument, you can be sure that it’s by their choice. I know it’s mine!
— Sean O’Shea
Artist Relations Liaison Retail
Marketing Specialist
Product Video Spokesperson
Kawai America Corporation



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