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Kawai KLCS Piano Teaching Lab
Kawai KLCS Music Lab System.
The Kawai KLCS is a state-of-the-art communication system perfect for group lessons taught on digital pianos and other electronic musical instruments. The KLCS is a scalable system accommodating from 8 to 48 students, plus the teacher's workstation.

Main Features:
  • Direct teacher-student instruction is possible while the rest of the class
    practices without interruption.
  • Easy assignment of students into pairs or groups allows for
    student-to-student interactive learning.
  • Hub-based system accommodates a variety of classroom settings and
    placement of student instruments.
  • Modular design provides capacity from 8 – 48 student-stations.
  • High-quality headsets with microphones provide clear communication
    between students and teacher.
  • “Split mode” doubles the student capacity of the system allowing two students to
    learn at each keyboard station.
KLCS Music Lab System: MSRP - $4999.00 (Basic Lab Kit)

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