Kawai Digital Piano Models
Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller

Keyboard 88 Wooden Keys, Graded Hammer with Ivory Touch Key Surfaces
Action RM3 Grand II w/Let-off, Counterweights, Triple-sensor Key Detection
Touch Curves Normal, Ivory, Pianoteq, Galaxy, Alicia's Keys
Internal Memories 5 memories (for use with VPC Editor software)
F-30 Pedal Unit Damper (progressive), Sostenuto, Soft
Jacks MIDI In / Out, USB to Host, Damper/Sostenuto Pedal, DC IN (12V)
Power Supply USB bus powered (1.0 W), AC adaptor powered (3.0 W)
Dimensions 54 1/3" (W) x 17 3/4" (D) x 7 1/3" (H)
Weight 65 lbs.

Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller - Buy Now! Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller - Buy Now!

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