Talia Denis

Talia Denis

Talia Denis is a young singer, songwriter from the United States who creates music that is known for being fun and inspirational while also introducing complex chord progressions, rhythms and time signature changes.  Talia has gained notoriety for being the “Real” kid musician, who tours with her own band.  From pure piano ballads to overdriven rock tunes Talia takes the craft of writing and arranging music seriously.  Talia headlined her own northeast US tour last year and will soon be back on the road again supporting her new record.

Talia recognizes that in today’s world, more than ever before she needs to act as a role model for other young people.  Talia’s lyrical content and image show that one does not need provocative lyrics to make great music and to put on fun entertaining shows that move the audience.

Being a pianist first and foremost Talia spent a good amount of time searching for the most real feeling and sounding digital stage piano to tour with.  When Talia had the opportunity to play a KAWAI MP10 she was sold.  If you attend a Talia Denis show you will very often witness her introducing the audience to her best friend, her Kawai MP10 Digital Stage Piano. More »

Instrument: Kawai MP10 Professional Stage Piano

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