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Ryuyo Grand Piano Factory

Ryuyo Grand Piano Factory

Making Kawai the sound heard around the world was our vision, but making Kawai the sound preferred around the world is our ultimate goal. – Shigeru Kawai

Though Kawai's size and production grew steadily, Shigeru Kawai never wavered from his father's overriding concern for quality and ever-improving piano performance. It was this unceasing desire to perfect the art of the piano that inspired Shigeru's crowning achievement... the Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility. Opening in 1980, the 300,000 square-foot plant was built at a cost of $50 million.

Ryuyo embodies the perfect "marriage" of hand-craftsmanship and advanced technology.

It is equipped with the most sophisticated piano-building tools available and is staffed by the most knowledgeable and experienced piano personnel in the world.The world-renowned EX Concert Grand Pianos are hand-built here in the famed Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory by Kawai's finest Master Piano Artisans. Today, the Ryuyo facility is universally regarded as the most advanced and efficient piano factory in the world.

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