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Kawai Introduces CS4 and CS7

Rancho Dominguez, CA • May, 2013 – Kawai America recently released updated versions of its Classic Series digital pianos. The Kawai CS7 and CS4 models offer updated and enhanced digital features while retaining the classic ebony polished cabinetry for which the CS instruments are known.

The hallmarks of the CS lineup are the elegant, timeless acoustic piano design elements of their cabinetry and the lustrous gleam of their ebony polish finishes. And, these finishes are as rugged as there are beautiful, thanks to the use of polyester, the same material used in Kawai’s renowned acoustic piano finishes. The CS7 model even adds the traditional leg and toe block design element found on its professional upright pianos.

These new models boast superior tone and touch thanks to Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) sound technology and new keyboard actions. PHI technology uses 88-note piano sampling to capture and retain the original character of each individual key to produce a more natural sound.

The CS4 features the new RHII action, which has triple sensor key detection, allowing for a more natural response when playing legato passages and rapidly repeated notes. This 88-note graded-hammer action also boasts let-off and ivory touch key surfaces.

The New Kawai CS4 and CS7 Classic Series Digital Pianos

The CS7 steps up to the Grand Feel (GF) action, an 88-note, graded hammer action which features real wooden keys and a mechanical design that emulates Kawai’s grand piano actions. It, too, has triple sensor detection, let-off and ivory touch surfaces.

Both models have strong feature sets with the CS4 offering 15 great instrument sounds, a 3-song internal record and built-in lessons. The CS7 steps up to 60 instrument sounds, 10-song recorder, USB digital audio capability and built-in lessons, plus time honored finger exercises. The Kawai Classic Series instruments are gorgeous, yet powerful digital performers.  CS4   •  CS7

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