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Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology

Kawai’s highly acclaimed sound technology is called Harmonic Imaging™. Simply put, Harmonic Imaging is a blend of technology and techniques aimed at producing a very realistic, dynamic recreation of our 9-foot concert grand piano.

We began with one of the world's finest pianos... the handcrafted Kawai EX Concert Piano.   Using state-of-the-art digital equipment, our sound specialists meticulously recorded the rich tone of this exceptional piano in the "anechoic chamber" at our advanced grand piano research facility in Ryuyo, Japan.

A fine concert grand piano is capable of a myriad of subtle tonal shades. Since each dynamic level of the EX piano carries a unique harmonic signature, our engineers created extremely accurate stereo "maps" of the entire dynamic range of this remarkable instrument. Next, Kawai developed a proprietary process called Harmonic Imaging to transform this vast "harmonic data" into a vibrant re-creation of the EX Concert Piano.

Piano Map

The result is a faithful reproduction of the rich dynamic range of the original concert grand piano, from its delicate pianissimos to the thunderous fortissimos. Harmonic Imaging technology also helps bring a higher level of authenticity to the many other sounds found on Kawai digital pianos, ensemble pianos, and professional stage pianos.

Recently, Kawai engineers returned to the recording studio, this time to develop an enhancement to the original Harmonic Imaging sound. Building upon their previous experience and methods, and incorporating techniques learned from world-famous recording studios in Los Angeles and Japan, Kawai has created a new Harmonic Imaging, now with 88-key piano sampling, and a new Progressive Harmonic Imagining, also with 88-key sampling.

88-key sampling allows for the individual character of each piano key to remain intact within the digital recreation. And Progressive Harmonic Imaging allows for even more harmonic content to be employed for the concert grand piano sound.

Whether your favorite piano sound turns out to be the acclaimed original Harmonic Imaging sound or one of its new brothers, it will be one of tremendous realism and expression worthy of the most demanding piano enthusiast.

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