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The acquisition of 31 Kawai and Shigeru Kawai pianos has been a revitalizing event for the music department at Jacksonville University. “Replacing a large portion of your pianos tells current students that we are investing in them,” said Dr. Robert Tudor, Chair of the Department of Music. “It lets potential students know that this institution takes music very seriously. And it tells the alumni that the place where they received their music education is a place worthy of their investment of time and resources." More...
Jacksonville University
With the recent acquisition of 34 Kawai and Shigeru Kawai pianos, the music department at LaGrange College is positioned to be one of the premier music programs in the South. “The students who come to LaGrange are exceptionally talented and bring a high expectation level in the quality of facilities, instruments, and education they will receive,” said Dr. Toni Anderson. “With the Shigeru grand pianos, we have the very best instruments available allowing us to exceed those expectations and enhance our ability to recruit and retain the best students from across the country.” More....
LaGrange College
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