Maximum Stability for Optimum Tone

Exclusive Machine Thread Action Screws
These finely-threaded action screws fasten more securely to the action rail than traditional self-tapping sheet metal screws. Lock washers and pre-threaded action rails further ensure the stability of the action screws and hammer flanges.
Serrated Rail Surface
The entire surface of the action rail is finely serrated to hold hammer flanges securely in place for more accurate hammer alignment and superior tone.
The malleable character of our exclusive "Insuliner" seats the hammer flange in place at the critical end point to further secure flange alignment and provide optimum tone.

Kawai Exclusive Action Elements

Dual Beam Action Rail  
Dual Beam Aluminum Rail
The action rail is the "spine" of the piano's action. Kawai action rails are made of durable extruded aluminum with our exclusive "dualbeam" design for superior strength and stability.
Five Die Cast Action Brackets
Kawai utilizes no fewer than five die cast action brackets to provide maximum support to the action rail. The die cast process provides exceptional precision in the crafting of brackets, further assuring precise action alignment and superior piano tone.

Permanently Locked Wippen Rail  

Permanently Locked Rails
The exceptional precision and dimensional consistency of the action brackets allows the action rail and wippen rail to be permanently locked in place, providing unparalleled long-term stability to the action.

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