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Kawai's Ultra-Responsive Action  
The World's Most Precise Piano Action
Kawai's "Ultra-Responsive™ Action" stands alone in providing the finest combination of strength, stability, precision and reliability. Hammer heads are underfelted and made with 100% premium wool felt. Hammer shanks are made with top-quality maple. To make the action resistant to climatic and seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, Kawai pioneered the use of aluminum action rails, aluminum hammer rest rails and precision parts made of extremely stable, low-friction ABS Styran.

Exclusive ABS Styran Action Parts
The innovative use of ABS Styran in all our piano actions is one of the chief reasons why a Kawai piano will maintain stable touch and tone over time better than other pianos. Endorsed by leading piano technicians and proven superior in scientific tests, ABS Styran is supported by over forty years of proven reliability in Kawai pianos.
ABS Styran Wippen Assembl

Exclusive Carbon Jack  

The Exclusive Carbon Jack
This pivotal link between the key and hammer is made of carbon and polyacetal rather than wood. Its superior composition and patented design make the Carbon Jack stronger, more consistent and more reliable than any traditional wooden jack.

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