Kawai GM-11 Baby Grand  
GM-11 Baby Grand Piano
Measuring 5'0" in length, the GM-11 offers the same attention to detail and quality found in Kawai's larger pianos – in a petite size to fit any room. With its resonant tone and classic good looks, the GM-11 will be an impressive addition to your home or studio.

Length: 5''0" (150cm)
Width: 59" (150cm)
Height: 40 1/4" (102cm)
Weight: 595 lbs. (270kg)
Soundboard: 1,519 sq. in.


  • Exclusive Ultra-Responsive™ Action
  • Exclusive Carbon Jack
  • "Soft Fall" Fallboard Closing System
  • Agraffes for more precise string aligment
  • Premium Spruce Soundboard
  • Full Sostenuto Pedal
  • Underfelted Hammers
  • Adjustable, Sliding Music Rack

|    Ultra-Responsive™ Action   |    Maximum Stability for Optimum Tone     |     Elements of GM Series Excellence     |
Kawai "Soft Fall" Fallboard Closing System "Soft Fall" Fallboard
Our ultra-slow "Soft Fall" fallboard closing system with dual-damping mechanism protects hands and the piano's finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.
Kawai GM-11 Agraffes Agraffes
Agraffes ensure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity of tone and consistent "speaking length" for each note.
Kawai GM-11 Premium Soundboard Premium Soundboards
Kawai's expert wood technologists use all the senses — sight, smell, touch and sound — in the selection of the finest woods. The GM-11 soundboard is made of solid quarter-sawn spruce that is carefully chosen and scientifically tested to exceed Kawai's demanding resonance standards for superior tone.
Kawai GM-11 Sliding Music Desk Adjustable Music Desk
The music desk is adjustable for viewing distance (forward and backward) and viewing angle (three positions) to suit the needs of the pianist.

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