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Kawai GX BLAK Series Character
In the Japanese language, the word kuro (blak) suggests wisdom, experience and nobility.  The GX BLAK Series embodies nearly nine decades of knowledge and experience in crafting the world’s finest pianos. With regal tone and noble presence, the GX BLAK Series captivates with a refined character that is both seen and heard.
Kawai GX BLAK Series Character
Slowfall Fallboard

"Soft Fall" Fallboard
The GX BLAK Series fallboard is designed with a dual-damping mechanism so sensitive that it was dubbed “soft fall.” The ultra-slow closing system protects hands fingers and the piano’s finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

Kawai GX BLAK Series Concert Lid Prop

Concert Style Lid Prop
Three separate lid props allow the piano to adapt to various musical and acoustical requirements. The elegant wooden base and the use of brass for the small prop adds both style and substance to the GX BLAK Series grand pianos.

Kawai GX BLAK Series Beveled Topboard

Beveled Topboard
The attractive sculpted edge of the topboard accents the stylish beauty of the piano’s lines.

Kawai GX BLAK Series Brass Casters

Solid Brass Casters
With a mirror-like polish, solid brass casters add to the beauty of the GX BLAK Series grand pianos.

Kawai Ten Year Full Warranty
Ten Year Full Warranty
To ensure your peace of mind and protect the value of your instrument, every Kawai grand piano is covered by our Ten Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai craftsmanship and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.
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