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Kawai GX BLAK Series Strength
The strength of a well-crafted instrument makes the piano one of the most impressive examples of technology, engineering and craftsmanship in the world today. The GX BLAK Series grand pianos are designed with tremendous strength to ensure stability of tone and touch over time.
Kawai GX BLAK Series SOLID Construction
Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design
Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID) creates an exceptionally rigid foundation to support string tension. With SOLID construction, the pinblock is fitted to the plate. The pinblock and over-lapping stretcher bar are then integrated into a single structure and solidly anchored to the rim. The stretcher bar itself boasts an extraordinary thickness that exemplifies the structural integrity of this sturdy framework designed to ensure stable tuning and powerful tone.
Kawai GX BLAK Series Keyslip
Steel-Reinforced, Anti-Warp Keyslip
A piano's "keyslip" is the long, horizontal piece of wood that covers the front faces of the keys. Because it is made of wood, a keyslip can warp or bend with changes in humidity causing keys to stick. GX BLAK Series keyslips are reinforced with a steel inside liner that prevents warping or bending in any direction. Keys move freely as the keyslip remains straight and evenly distanced from the key faces throughout the life of the piano.
Kawai GX BLAK Series Reinforced Keybed
Steel-Reinforced Keybed
The keybed is made of extremely strong, laminated hardwoods. Kawai reinforces each keybed with an underside steel support beam to provide additional strength and maximum stability.
Hard Finish Music Desk
Hard Finish Music Desk
Our exclusive Hard Finish technology protects the music desk from being scratched or marred – preserving the piano's beauty. The Hard Finish is an exclusive feature of all GX Series pianos finished in Polished Ebony.
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