Kawai institutional pianos are built to last. Schools, churches and performance venues require instruments that can withstand the rigors of heavy use and frequent moves from one location to another. The sturdy UST-9 and 506N are known for their long-term durability of sound and stature.
They will perform admirably in any institutional environment.


With its unmatched combination of durable construction and exceptional playability, the UST-9 upright piano outperforms every instrument in its class.


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The Kawai 506N upright piano was specially designed to meet the needs of those who require high quality and durability in an instrument… without a premium price tag.


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The cast iron plate of an upright piano is subjected to as much as 20 tons of string tension. To enable our plates to withstand this tremendous stress, we use state-of-the art CAD technology to match the strength and natural tonal resonances of the plate to the requirements of the scale design. The proper combination of plate design, back post structure, and string tension provides an extraordinary foundation for outstanding tone

Kawai Institutional Upright Piano Plate
Kawai Institutional Upright Piano Ribs


The most important sound-producing parts of a piano are the soundboard and ribs. The choice of
materials and the manner in which they are assembled can greatly effect volume and tone quality. Our wood technologists select only the finest spruce to ensure outstanding dynamic range and superb tone across the entire spectrum of sound.