The Truth About ABS

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Piano Technicians Endorse Kawai ABS Action Parts
For decades, qualified piano technicians everywhere have spoken out in support of ABS Styran...
"ABS, yes! I have never had a problem with any Kawai ABS action parts."
Mark Hullibarger, RPT*
Manhattan Beach, California
*Registered Piano Technician

"Plastic parts have a number of advantages over wooden ones.
They can be made more uniform in shape and weight, are indifferent to temperature
and humidity changes, and have no glue joints to come apart..."
Larry Fine, RPT
The Piano Book

"Kawai's ABS action parts are perhaps one of the revolutionary products of the century.
Kawai has the most responsive action in the industry."
Wendall Eaton, RPT
Frederick, Maryland

" ABS advantages over wood are numerous. The reliability and consistency
in manufacturing is unbelievably good. Kawai is a bold innovator.'
James Alexander, RPT
Plymouth, Michigan

" The incorporation of ABS plastic action parts in Kawai pianos make them the
instrument of logical choice for universities. I have never had to replace a Kawai jack or flange."
Mathew Dickerson, RPT
Danville, Indiana

"ABS plastics are quite welcome. Kawai's commitment to quality is manifestly evident.
The school of music at USC speaks highly of the Kawai action."
Horace Greely, RPT
San Carlos, California

But the acclamation of respected piano technicians
provided only a part of the evidence in support of ABS Styran.

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