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Kawai 506N Institutional Piano
Action: Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow
Soundboard: Solid Spruce
Backposts: 5
Ribs: 9
#1 String: 44 1/8"
Keystick: 16 1/4"
Dimensions: 44 1/2" (H) x 59" (W) x 24" (D)
Weight: 424 lbs.
Finishes: Satin Mahogany, Satin Ebony
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The Kawai 506 was specially designed to meet the needs of those who require high quality and durability in an instrument... without a premium price tag. The 506 embodies three fundamental elements of a fine piano—an exceptional soundboard made of solid spruce, a durable back assembly with 5 sturdy back posts, and our exclusive Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action. These important elements ensure a level of tone, touch and durability that will satisfy the needs of any pianist. Finally, we added a handsome cabinet with a sturdy "toe-block" design. The result is a finely crafted, superb-sounding instrument that will bring you satisfying musical enjoyment for many years to come.

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