The Fleet Study

One of the many services Kawai provides for institutions is a comprehensive analysis of the piano fleet. Pianos are the basic equipment on which most music education is built. Like the equipment in other departments, pianos have a limited lifespan. While these instruments may appear to be in satisfactory condition, closer inspection often reveals equipment which is past its useful life.

Kawai believes that every institution deserves exceptional instruments for music education. During the first step of our Fleet Study, our Institutional Relations Team conducts a thorough analysis of each instrument noting age, physical condition, use, service history, and even the environment in which the piano lives. From this data Kawai prepares an in-depth report with recommendations regarding climate control, technical service, and replacement if warranted. With this report, institutional administrators have the knowledge to take appropriate action regarding their piano fleet. Contact us to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation fleet study today.