Loan Programs

For more than twenty years, Kawai America has supported hundreds of schools of music across North America through the Kawai Institutional Loan Program. In this unique partnership, schools are loaned a selection of pianos and digital pianos for use in the institution’s classrooms and performance venues. The loans usually last for up to one year with the school having the option to purchase some or all of the instruments at the end of the loan period.

Remaining instruments are then sold to students, staff and alumni of the school during a weekend event. Other schools, churches and the public at large are also invited to participate in the sale. An authorized Kawai dealer oversees the sale event while providing delivery and after-sale service on all instruments.

This mutually beneficial program provides top quality new instruments to schools that may not be able to afford these instruments, while giving the institution’s community the opportunity to purchase “like-new” Kawai instruments at a fraction of their original price.