CA49 and CA59
CA49 and CA59

Kawai Pianos, maker of award-winning acoustic, hybrid and digital pianos, is thrilled to announce the launch of two pianos that act as outstanding successors in the popular Concert Artist (CA) digital piano line. The CA49 is the successor to the CA48 mid-range digital piano, and the CA59 is the successor to the CA58 upper-mid-range digital piano. These upgraded pianos epitomize Kawai’s long-standing pledge to produce lasting musical legacies for players and audiences to enjoy.

The CA49 and CA59 pianos were developed in partnership with Onkyo, a premium audio equipment manufacturer. Each piano has a distinctive brand-new motherboard and speaker system, delivering a richer and fuller sound which supports high-level piano performance for the player. Both models also feature modernized OLED graphic display and modern cabinet creating a memorable impression that students, teachers, and listeners alike will enjoy.

In the CA59 model, existing Bluetooth® MIDI functionality is complemented by the addition of Bluetooth® Audio, with aptX support providing high quality wireless audio. It also features new Shigeru Kawai SK-5 grand piano sound, adding variety to the enhanced existing SK-EX sounds. Additionally, the CN49 features a new Low Volume Balance function. These enhancements make the Kawai CA Series line of pianos continue to innovate existing digital piano technology and emphasize Kawai’s dedication to creating meaningful connections in communities through high-quality musical experiences.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. Cabinet finish availability and included bench style may vary depending on market region.