Hi, I’m Sean O’Shea with Kawai America Corporation and it’s my privilege to introduce our all-new Kawai CN35 digital piano. I’ve got a lot to talk about in this instrument, but let’s talk about where it all begins — the grand piano sound.


That 9 foot concert grand piano sound was thanks to our PHI technology with 88 key sampling takes things up a notch. We didn’t just sample randomly throughout the keyboard. We sampled all 88 keys — and every subtle nuance and every characteristic of those notes — end-result being an incredibly realistic and expressive piano.

Speaking of expressive we’re able to really connect with the instrument thanks to our newly designed RH3 key action. The RH3 keys feature triple sensor key detection and let-off. Let-off is the subtle clicking sensation when playing a grand piano key very gently. There’s an Ivory Touch key surface that resists perspiration and helps your fingers grip the keys. And most amazing is that the RH3 keyboard action – in addition to graded hammer weights, features counterweights placed within each key. As with an acoustic piano, these finely balanced weights help to lighten the touch of the keyboard during pianissimo passages, while adding a feel of greater substance when playing with force. All this makes the new RH3 by far the finest keyboard action in its class.

The CN35 has an impressive palette of sounds — a whopping 324 in all, coming from a newly designed speaker system that’s getting great reviews from our dealers and customers. Sounds include keyboard options from pianos, electric pianos and clavichords, to all types of orchestral instruments, drum kits and even fun sound effects. Obviously we’re not going to be able to listen to them all, but here are just a few highlights:

Let’s talk about what we can do with all these sounds. You can play them individually, of course, but we can also layer. Layer means that you can pick two sounds at once. The favorite is always piano with strings. And we have real-time control over the volume balance between the two sounds thanks to this slider found right on the front panel.

We can also do a split — so there are different sounds on the left and right hand. And we can decide exactly where on the keyboard that split point occurs.

A very innovative and useful feature called 4 Hands Mode gives us two, identical, pianos —- each in the same key octave — and each with their own sustain pedal. This is great for two people working on a duet at the same piano — or a teacher and student — parent and child — or for doubling up students in a School LAB teaching system.

The CN35’s sounds are enhanced by some great digital effects. There are many reverbs, choruses, delays, phasers and all kinds of possibilities. You can get incredibly creative with changing effects or layering or splitting sounds. And you don’t need to worry about getting too creative and having notes drop out on you, because there’s an incredible 256 notes of polyphony! And your favorite combination of effects and sounds can be saved in registration memories for a quick recall. And those registration setting can even be saved onto a USB memory device, so there’s no limit to the set-ups you can have saved.

Most teachers recommend a metronome to help develop a good sense of rhythm. We’ve built a digital metronome right in and you can adjust its time signature, tempo. and volume.

My favorite way to develop timing is to play with a good, solid drummer… so we’ve built in 100 different drum patterns to jam along with.

Kawai is the only piano company to have lesson songs from the Alfred basic piano library built right in. Alfred is the world’s largest publisher of piano teaching method materials.

For more advanced study, the CN35 also has exercises from Czerny, Beyer and Burgmuller etudes.

Like any of our digital pianos, the CN35 never needs tuning. And you can play in complete privacy by using any standard, stereo headphones. And there are two headphone jacks so a friend, teacher, or parent can listen in.

There’s a built-in recorder that’s easy to use. Just press record, play something, stop and play it back. There are two tracks and three songs built in. And you can save as many songs as you’d like onto a USB device as either MIDI or as audio, either WAV or MP3, advantage being that you can easily email your creation or upload it to social media.

For members of the family who may not play yet, our Concert Magic feature allows us to explore things like touch and timing without worrying about what notes to play. This is great encouragement; especially for young members of the family.

A skilled piano technician can greatly customize an acoustic pianos’ touch, tone, and performance. Kawai’s exclusive Virtual Technician feature allows you to make similar adjustments quickly and easily.

The CN35 is a handsome piece of furniture with a leg-and-toeblock design… with a smooth and rugged key cover… a Grand Feel Pedal system with the 3 pedals mimicking the different resistance found on an acoustic grand piano… and it includes a padded matching bench. It’s available in Premium Rosewood, Premium Mahogany, and Premium Satin Black finishes.

Final Words

As hopefully you can tell from this brief introductory video, the CN35 is a powerful instrument at an amazing value! If you may still have a question or two, you can visit us a KawaiUS.com where you can download a brochure or send us an email. You may also call us at 310-631-1771 or email us. Of course, the best experience is to visit your nearest authorized Kawai showroom. If you’re ready to welcome a CN 35 into your home right now, you can use our dealer locator to find a local piano dealer near you.

From all of us at Kawai, thanks for watching.