When picking out a piano, it’s all about TOUCH and TONE. How does it feel? How does it sound? Kawai consistently provides the best touch and tone in each product category — and we’re continuing that with our CN29 and CN39 digital pianos.

For touch, both the CN29 and CN39 feature our Responsive Hammer III (or RHIII) key action. This best-in-class action features graded weighting, where the keys in the lower octaves are slightly heavier than those in the higher octaves, just like on a traditional grand piano. Also just like a grand piano, there’s let-off, which is the little bump you feel when you press the keys very lightly. Counterweights and triple sensor key detection allow the RH3 action to be faster and more responsive than what you’ll find on competing digital pianos, and Ivory Touch key surfaces help keep your fingers from slipping while playing.

For tone, the CN29 and CN39 feature speakers and amplification designed by high-end audio manufacturer ONKYO. Combine all this with the newest version of the sound of our world-renowned Shigeru Kawai EX concert grand piano, and you’ve got yourself an amazing piano experience!

Our Virtual Technician feature allows you to customize the sound and response of the CN instruments, just like a piano technician can do on a fine acoustic piano. It can be accessed here on the instrument as well as our Virtual Technician iPad app. We’ve also added an enhanced light touch curve, which can help with young children learning to play the piano.

The displays on the CN series are now OLED, which are brighter and easier to read than the standard LCD screens found on other digital pianos. And the CN29 now has the best user interface in its class, with a fully functioning control panel and OLED screen. That means no more having to remember various combinations of button and key pushes to control your digital piano.

The CN29 has a total of 19 sounds, including 8 acoustic piano sounds. The CN39 has a whopping 355 sounds, including 23 acoustic piano sounds plus 9 drum kits. Here are some examples.

Another feature that sets Kawai’s CN digital pianos apart from other brands is connectivity. Either CN model can connect to musical apps on your tablet, computer or smart phone with a USB cable, or wirelessly through Bluetooth MIDI. The CN39 can also connect AUDIO via Bluetooth, which is great for playing your library of songs from your favorite artists right through the Onkyo sound system. The CN39 has line inputs and outputs so you can connect to other audio equipment and a second USB-to-device port that you can use for recording songs to a USB drive or even playing music that you have stored on a drive.

A metronome is included on both models, plus the CN39 adds to that with 100 different drum patterns.

Any two sounds can be layered, such as a concert grand piano and orchestral strings.

And the CN39 adds a split function so you can play one instrument with your left hand and another with your right.

Four Hands Mode splits the keyboard into two identical 44-note pianos, each with its own sustain pedal, which is great for a student and teacher working together or two people practicing a duet.

Fingering exercises from Hanon as well as lesson books and pieces from Chopin, Czerny, Alfred and others are included in both CN instruments.

Kawai’s Grand Feel pedals provide the same sense of resistance found on our acoustic grand pianos, a built-in recorder lets you record your playing, and two headphone jacks with Spatial Headphone Sound allow you to play and practice in privacy.

Both the CN29 and CN39 are available in satin black, rosewood and white finishes. And both include a matching padded bench.

We’re confident that you’ll find that the CN29 and CN39 offer you the best playing experience and the most features when looking at comparable digital pianos. For more information, please visit us on the web. Better yet, get to your nearest Kawai dealer and check one out in person. If you need help finding a dealer, check out the dealer locator on our website. And customers in the U.S. and Canada can call us at the number on your screen.

If you’re ready to welcome a CN29 or CN39 to your home, school, or house of worship, you can click BUY NOW on our web site and we’ll arrange to get one on its way to you.

From all of us at Kawai, thanks for watching.