Hi. I’m Sean O’Shea with Kawai. Kawai is known for building only top quality instruments and is one of the most award-winning piano companies in the world. With that, I’m proud to introduce our new KDP110 digital piano and I’d like to take just a few minutes to show you the highlights.


Kawai is known for superior touch and tone across the entire offering of instruments. For touch, the KDP110 enjoys our new Responsive Hammer Compact II Action. These 88 keys have a graded hammer action, counterweights and triple sensor key detection. The end result is a great feeling, expressive piano.

For tone, we use our exclusive Harmonic Imaging Technology with 88 key sampling that captures the unique nuances of each and every note.

Thanks to its smaller size the KDP110 will fit in about any living environment and the rosewood finish cabinet looks great with new silver accents at our name, pedals and key cover trim.

When I show you all the features the KDP110 offers, I think you’ll be impressed to discover that it’s affordable for even the most modest of budgets!

The default, power-up piano sound is an incredible replication of our own, world-renowned Shigeru Kawai concert grand and we’ve got some other acoustic pianos sounds to choose from.

While we’re on the subject of acoustic pianos, note that we have our amazing Virtual Technician accessible on board or with a free iPad app. This allows the type of changes to your digital piano’s performance and sound that a qualified piano technician could achieve on a traditional, acoustic piano.

We have some time-honored electric piano sounds that sound great, a couple organ sounds one suited for classical or a church setting and one drawbar style complete with that famous rotary speaker system effect. There’s a harpsichord, vibes, electric bass sound (15 sounds in all) and I especially love the strings layered (or combined) with the piano.

There’s an on board recorder that’s really easy to use. And you can hold up to 3 songs in memory. And by the way, you can do recording and play along while layering sounds and get as creative as you’d like without worrying about notes dropping out because the Kawai KDP110 has an impressive 192 notes of polyphony.

There’s a built in metronome with 7 different time signatures and of course you can adjust the tempo and the volume of the metronome, and new to this model, is the ability to call up your metronome speeds according to Italian musical terms as well as by beats per minute.

You can connect your KDP110 using MIDI or USB to host connections to communicate with your favorite smart device and you can even connect wirelessly via Bluetooth™ wireless MIDI technology to interface with your favorite musical app.

You can use headphones to play in privacy and we’ve added a 2nd headphone jack so a teacher, parent or duet partner can listen too. And these headphones sound especially great thanks to our Spatial Headphone Sound technology that offers a more open and natural sound — and causes less ear fatigue.

Speaking of duet partners the Kawai KDP110 can be set up in what we call Four Hands mode giving you two, identical 44 note pianos each in the same octaves and each with their own sustain pedal.

There are 240 built-in lesson songs from five books (sold separately) from Czerny, Burgmüller, Beyer, Alfred Basic 1A+1B built right into the KDP110.

For members of the family who may not yet play the piano, our Concert Magic feature allows for touch and timing to be explored without worrying about notes just yet.

The KDP110 has three pedals with the same functionality and feel of resistance as our grand pianos thanks to our “grand feel pedals.

This retracting cover helps to keep the keys safe and dust-free, and this included bench is a perfect complement to the piano.

Final Words

We’re really excited to offer the opportunity to step up into a Kawai digital instrument without having to break the bank, the new KDP110 digital piano. Check it out at your nearest Kawai Professional Products dealer. If you need help finding a dealer, you can visit our dealer locator section on our website. You’re also welcome to email us, or give us a call. At Kawai America Corporation, we’ll always happy to hear from our customers.

If you really like what you’ve seen and heard and are ready to get yourself a KDP110, visit a local piano dealer near you.

Many thanks from all of us at Kawai.