Kawai MP10 Digital Piano
Kawai MP10 Digital Piano

Kawai America has the great fortune to be intimately involved in the planning for, and development of, all digital pianos sold here in North America. This ultimately leads to the creation of instruments that are well suited for our customers. As our Development Projects Manager, Alan Palmer works daily with engineers in Japan during the development phases of our instruments, and often visits Japan on these projects. There, he’s able to bring our vision for Kawai electronic instruments directly to the people creating them. Here’s his behind the scenes take on the new MP10 Professional Stage Piano.

Tom Love – Sr. Manage rfor Electronics

I would describe the MP10 as a stage piano intended to appeal to the piano purist. For many years now MP customers have told us that the key actions used for the MP models are among the best digital piano actions ever created. Many users told us they could happily do without any other sounds in exchange for the highest quality piano sounds we could provide. So rather than using memory to provide extra sounds that cannot possibly meet every user’s requirements, MP users suggested that we use the additional memory to provide the highest quality piano and electronic keyboard sounds possible.

With that in mind we designed the MP10. Nearly all of the internal memory in the MP10 is used to accommodate a small, but very high quality, acoustic and electronic keyboard sound set. In fact the nine acoustic pianos and nine electronic keyboard sounds in the MP10 represent the largest memory allocation for piano sounds ever in an MP stage piano.

But, we didn’t forget about those stage piano users who need an expanded soundset. The MP10 has a solid MIDI section that is perfect for studio or stage use. The MIDI section provides the same ON/Off button, volume faders and common control parameters as the internal sound sections, so the user can control external sound sources in the same manner as an internal sound. We also included a stereo line input complete with its own volume control fader. This combination of a comprehensive MIDI section along with the line input allows the user to integrate an external MIDI keyboard or sound module with the MP10 as though it were another internal sound section.

The MP10 is an uncompromising stage piano focused on providing the most authentic piano touch along with high quality piano sounds. It also provides MIDI connectivity that allows the user to customize and expand the MP10’s capabilities.

Alan Palmer – Electronic Development Projects Mgr.