Kawai America Corporation is proud to announce the new K-300 AURES Hybrid, the latest and most advanced addition to Kawai’s class-leading line of hybrid instruments. The K-300 AURES Hybrid combines the superb craftsmanship and performance of Kawai’s renowned K-300 Professional Upright Piano with the cutting-edge operation and sound technology of our awarding-winning Concert Artist Digital Pianos.  The result is the finest hybrid upright piano on the market today.

AURES Soundboard Technology

Developed in collaboration with high-end audio manufacturer, Onkyo, the K-300 AURES is equipped with Kawai’s new Hybrid Soundboard Technology. This “speaker-less” soundboard amplification system is the first to use 4 high-performance transducers to generate extraordinary tone through the piano’s tapered solid spruce soundboard. The AURES system produces its rich, natural-sounding digital tone through the soundboard only, without additional speakers.

SK-EX Rendering Sound Technology

The K-300 AURES comes equipped with Kawai’s proprietary SK-EX Rendering sound technology – the same sound engine found on our award-winning CA98 digital piano. This new piano sound engine blends multi-channel, 88-key sampling with the latest resonance modeling technology to reproduce the magnificent tone and exceptional dynamic range of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, the premier piano of Japan.

Full-Color Touchscreen Display

The K-300 AURES is also the first instrument of its kind to feature a full-color 5” high-resolution touchscreen display that is embedded in the instrument’s left cheek block. By simply tapping or swiping with a finger, the player can choose from a wide and diverse selection of sounds and adjust a myriad of internal settings that provide infinite flexibility. The touchscreen can also be set to turn off automatically while playing, which minimizes any visual distraction to the performer.

Award-winning K Series Professional Upright Piano

Exceptional acoustic piano tone is provided by the K-300 Professional Upright that features, the revolutionary Millennium III Upright Action, considered by many to be the finest upright action in the world.  A tapered solid spruce soundboard, mahogany hammer mou­ldings and extended length keys are other key features that embody Kawai’s commitment to provide the finest touch and tone in the industry.