Joseph Akins
Joseph Akins

Dr. Joseph Akins is a professor, composer, pianist and keyboard player, and has been deeply involved with music all his life. He performed professionally in his family’s country-rock band as a child, toured with classic pop-rock bands after high school, and studied with the best jazz educators while in college. Since, Joseph has taught a variety of music and recording classes at the college level, has composed original music for multiple albums and films, and has performed hundreds of concerts from the smallest venue to the amazing Grand Ole Opry.

Today, Joseph divides his time between teaching for the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University, and composing, recording and performing his original music. As a tenured professor at MTSU, he teaches music production and film scoring, and as an award-winning billboard-charting recording artist, he promotes his seven self-released albums of instrumental music, which can be found at