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Kawai Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan


After investing many years leading the Research & Development effort for another Japanese piano company, Koichi Kawai (front row center with glasses) and seven kindred colleagues formed the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in Hamamatsu, Japan. Koichi Kawai Founded Kawai Pianos

First Grand Piano Built


The first Kawai Grand Piano was produced in Hamamatsu, Japan.  Koichi Kawai's dream to build the world's finest pianos had begun.  

A New Name


Company name changed to Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Company.

Piano Production Capacity Increases


Production capacity increases to 75 upright pianos and 10 grand pianos per month. Koichi Kawai

Koichi Kawai Receives Blue Ribbon Medal


Koichi Kawai receives the prestigious "Blue Ribbon Medal" from the Emperor of Japan, becoming the first person in the musical instrument industry to receive such an honor. Koichi Kawai Blue Medal Ribbon

Shigeru Kawai, President of Kawai


Koichi Kawai died suddenly in October of 1955 at the age of 70. Succeeding him at the helm was 33-year-old Shigeru Kawai who would lead his family's company into the realm of modern manufacturing. Shigeru Kawai

Kawai Music Education Programs


Believing that music education was the key to any instrument purchase, Shigeru Kawai built a network of Kawai Music Schools. And since these schools would require teachers, he created the Kawai Academy of Music to train qualified music teachers to staff the newly established schools. Kawai Music Education Program

Kawai Electronic Organs


Kawai joins the electronic world by releasing its first non-acoustic musical instruments.

Maisaka Factory Opens


Kawai opens a piano factory in Maisaka as the main assembly plant.

Kawai Piano Technicians School


Shigeru Kawai inaugurates the Kawai Piano Technical Center to train service technicians in the art of caring for pianos. Kawai Piano Technicians School

Kawai America Launched


Kawai America Corporation is established in 1963 -- followed by Kawai Europe, Kawai Canada, Kawai Australia and Kawai Asia. Kawai America

Aluminium Action Rails


Kawai introduces the first set of action rails made entirely of aluminum.

ABS Composite Material Used in Kawai Upright Pianos


Kawai boldly pioneers the use of ABS composite material in upright pianos. ABS Styran in Upright Pianos

ABS Composite Material Used in Kawai Grand Pianos


ABS composite material is utilized in Kawai Grand Piano actions for the first time. ABS Styran in Grand Pianos

Kawai Canada Established


Kawai Canada is established in Winnipeg, Canada.

Kawai Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Kawai celebrates the 50th anniversary since Koichi Kawai began his quest to build the world's finest pianos.

1 Million Pianos Produced


Kawai reaches a historic landmark of 1 million pianos produced.

Ryuyo Grand Piano Factory Established


Opening in 1980, the 300,000 square-foot Ryuyo Grand Piano Factory was built at a cost of $50 million. Ryuyo embodies the perfect "marriage" of hand-craftsmanship and advanced technology. It is equipped with the most sophisticated piano-building tools available and is staffed by the most knowledgeable and experienced piano personnel in the world. Ryuyo, Japan Grand Piano Factory

Aluminium Action Brackets


Kawai introduces die cast aluminum action brackets to provide an added measure of strength, uniformity and stability for accurate touch over time.

Shigeru Kawai Awarded Blue Ribbon Medal


Shigeru Kawai follows in his father Koichi Kawai's footsteps and is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal from the Emperor of Japan. Shigeru Kawai

Kawai Digital Pianos Launched


Digital pianos are added to expanding line of Kawai instruments. Kawai Digital Pianos

Hirotaka Kawai, President of Kawai


In 1989, the presidency of the company was passed to Shigeru's son, Hirotaka Kawai. Hirotaka began with a pledge to carry on the commitment to excellence established by his father and grandfather. Hirotaka Kawai President of Kawai

Kawai Piano Manufacturing Begins in America


Kawai America Manufacturing is established in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Kawai America Manufacturing

Kawai Receives Highest Environmental Certification


Kawai becomes the first company in the piano industry to receive ISO 14001, the world's most prestigious certification for environmental excellence. Kawai Environmental Certification

Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos Introduced


Having spent nearly 50 years leading the Kawai company, chairman Shigeru Kawai unveils his personal legacy to the piano world -- the Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos. Shigeru Kawai Pianos

Kawai Introduces Millennium III Action


Kawai introduces the revolutionary Millennium III Action featuring components made of ABS-Carbon, a new composite material created by the infusion of carbon fiber into our existing ABS Styran.  

Kawai RX Series Grands Named MMR "Piano Line of the Year"


For three straight years beginning in 2005, the Kawai RX Series Grand Pianos received the prestigious "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year" award from Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine. Kawai RX Series Grand Pianos

Kawai's K-3 Professional Upright Wins "Four in a Row"


Beginning in 2009, the K-3 Professional Upright Piano wins MMR Magazine's Dealers' Choice "Acoustic Piano of the Year" award in four consecutive years. K-300 Polished Ebony

Hirotaka Kawai Awarded Grand Cross of the Order of Merit


Current President of Kawai, Hirotaka Kawai, is awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Hirotaka Kawai Grand Cross of the Order of Merit

GX BLAK Performance Series Grand Pianos Introduced


The GX BLAK Performance Series Grand Pianos become the highly-regarded successors to the award-winning RX Series. GX Black Series Grand Pianos

MP Series Awarded MMR Digital Piano Line of the Year


The Kawai MP Series Digital Pianos is awarded the MMR Dealers' Choice "Pro Digital Piano Line of the Year" award. Kawai MP Series MMR Digital Piano Line of the Year

The New Kawai "K Series" Professional Uprights introduced.


Kawai introduces its new, more advanced line of K Series Professional Upright Pianos. Kawai K Series Upright Pianos

CN Series Digital Pianos Win Two Major Industry Awards


The Kawai CN Series digital pianos win the MMR Dealers' Choice "Home Digital Piano Line of the Year" award and the Music Inc. "Product Excellence" award in the same year. CN Series MMR Product Excellence Award

KAWAI CS10 Hybrid Digital Wins Music Inc. "Editor's Choice" Award


At the 2014 NAMM Show (the 2nd largest music products industry trade show), the Kawai CS10 hybrid digital piano wins the coveted Music Inc. "Editor's Choice" award. CS-10 Music Editors Choice Award

Kawai Russia Established


A new subsidiary company, Kawai Pianos Russia, is established in Moscow. Kawai Russia

Kawai Employs More Than 4000 Across the World


Kawai has grown to employ over 4000 people who bring Koichi Kawai's dream to life building the world's finest pianos.

Kawai GL Grand Series Pianos Introduced


Kawai introduces introduces a brand new line of professional grand pianos -- the GL Series. Kawai GL Series Grand Pianos

First Overseas Showroom Opens in Houston, Texas


Kawai Piano Gallery, the first Kawai retail store to be established outside Japan, is launched in Houston, TX. Kawai Piano Gallery Houstin Texas

Kawai China Established


Kawai Musical Instruments (China) Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai. Kawai China

Second Overseas Showroom Opens in Dallas, Texas


Kawai Piano Gallery of Dallas becomes the 2nd Kawai retail store to be opened outside of Japan. Kawai Piano Gallery Dallas Texas

GX-2 Grand Piano Wins Product Excellence Award


The Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano wins the Music Inc. "Product Excellence" award. This was the 10th award received by Kawai from Music Inc. Magazine for product or service excellence. GX-2 Grand Piano Product Excellence Award