Financial Assistance

Kawai’s mission is simple. We strive to provide instruments of the highest caliber at cost levels that maximize the impact of limited institutional budgets. Through innovative programs like EPIC, financial assistance from the Shigeru Kawai Endowment, and long-term financing/leasing, the dream of owning a world-class piano fleet can become reality.

Many schools have piano fleets that are worn well beyond their useful life and have insufficient funding to solve this problem. When budgets are already stretched thin, the thought of replacing an entire collection of pianos can be overwhelming. Kawai has access to special-rate financing and the flexibility to incorporate the individual benefits of any of our programs into a customized plan that can address any situation. In addition to getting the most from the existing music budget, Kawai’s Institutional Team is skilled at making the case for additional funding from either administration or development.

If quality and stewardship are your priorities, Kawai can become one of your most valued partners. Kawai’s Institutional Team understands the process of securing the funds to support your entire piano inventory needs. We can assist in presenting those needs to administration and donors in the proper light. Through these efforts, Kawai can be instrumental in expanding your available budget – allowing the acquisition of higher quality instruments in quantities that meet the true needs of your students and faculty.

CALL 800-421-2177, ext. 871 to obtain more information or to arrange a free “Fleet Replacement Study” that can pave the way for outside funding.