(Rancho Dominguez, CA.) Kawai America is pleased to announce the new DG30 digital grand piano. The DG30 combines Kawai’s class-leading Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) keyboard action with the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano sound, delivering an authentic grand piano playing experience. Additionally, the DG30 comes in a beautiful grand piano-like cabinet for a modern, luxurious appearance. With all of its premium features, Kawai’s new DG30 digital grand piano promises to deliver an authentic piano playing experience that inspires.

The DG30ʼs attractive cabinet is finished in beautiful Ebony Polish, with silver hardware completing a modern, elegant look. Opening the instrument’s grand style lid reveals a polished wooden soundboard with two upward-facing speakers. Long and short lid props are provided for either full or partial lid positions. Despite its grand piano appearance, the DG30 is a relatively compact instrument sure to enhance even the smallest areas.

The DG30 offers the touch of a grand piano with its class-leading Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) keyboard action. The RHIII action delivers an authentic piano touch through several elements including springless design for smooth movement with a triple-sensor key detection system enhancing responsiveness, and structural reinforcements throughout for minimal noise and key wobble. The RHIII also features 88 graded hammers replicating the heavier bass and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano for unmatched key control that will satisfy even the most advanced pianists.

Complementing its responsive touch, the DG30 delivers the rich, expressive sound of Kawai’s flagship piano – the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. Through Kawai’s advanced Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology, the DG30 reproduces not only the warmth of the Shigeru concert grand but also its power. The DG30 offers a variety of piano sounds and a palette of over 300 additional sounds as well. These stunning sounds are delivered through a powerful 4-speaker sound system, featuring technologies developed in collaboration with premium audio specialists, Onkyo.

Alan Palmer, Digital Product Manager at Kawai America shares, “At Kawai, we aim to deliver the most authentic piano playing experience in every one of our digital products, and the DG30 digital grand is no exception.” He continues, “From touch to tone, and functionality to design, the DG30 is the full package.”

The DG30 digital grand offers a variety of other useful features. Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio expands the instrument’s functionality by communicating wirelessly with supported smart devices while using a variety of apps, including Kawai’s Virtual Technician and Sound Museum apps, or to play audio through its high fidelity 4-speaker output system. Built-in lesson function, adjustable metronome and song recorder are also features included in the DG30 that are invaluable tools for aspiring pianists.

With its modern appearance, smooth responsive touch, and stunning grand pianos sounds, the DG30 digital piano delivers a piano playing experience that is authentic and inspiring while bringing beauty and elegance to any home. The DG30 digital grand piano will be available in authorized Kawai dealer showrooms in North America later this summer.

Kawai DG30 Angles
Kawai DG30

For more information about the new Kawai DG30 digital grand piano, visit https://kawaius.com/product/dg30/