Tradition and technology are indispensable elements of piano tone. Tradition lays the foundation for our distinctive tonal character. Technology empowers it with life, breadth, and depth that lasts from generation to generation.

Rim and Beam Construction


CORE is an acronym that represents “Convergence for Optimum Reflective Energy.” Convergence refers to the way the piano’s strength centers (the rim, plate and underside beams) all focus on one central point at the heart of the instrument. This focus creates an incredbly strong “core” foundation that maximizes the reflective capabilities of the inner rim for outstanding tonal power and sustain. The CORE System is found on all six models of the GX BLAK Series.

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The exclusive Konsei Katagi rim uses a blend of distinctive hardwoods to achieve an ideal balance of tone. For the inner rim, small-pored hardwoods that provide superior brightness and projection are interlaminated with dense, large-pored hardwoods offering warmth and fullness. This synergy of structurally divergent hardwoods produces a powerful, well-rounded richness of tone that is the hallmark of the GX BLAK Series.

Konsei Katagi Rim
Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard


The soundboard is the heart of a piano’s tone. Kawai uses only straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for GX BLAK Series soundboards. Each one is strategically tapered to provide the proper degree of resonant movement in each region. Only soundboards that exceed our demanding resonance standards are selected for use in the GX BLAK Series Grand Pianos.


Among Kawai grands, only the GX BLAK Series features treble bridges that are vertically laminated with 13 layers of maple and mahogany for maximum strength and optimal transfer of sound energy and tone from the strings to the soundboard. GX bass bridges are made of the highest quality hard maple or beech. The GX-6 and GX-7 feature a single, continuous vertically laminated bridge that helps to smooth the transition between bass and treble registers.

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Vertically Laminated Bridge